A Little Under The Weather

Happy Wednesday babes!
We are officially half way through the week, thank goodness!
This means that in three days I go back to the doctor, again yay!
On the not so hot side I am feeling under the weather. My stomach is all cramped up and not happy with me. Hence, this 2am blog post that I am quite literally writing at 2:17am my time, whoops! The last time I felt this way I started eliminating things from my diet, excluding dairy because I cannot live without it, and nothing worked. Turns out that I was basically getting so anxious that I was making myself sick. Oh boy.

Now I am reminding myself of the following things in hopes that I will calm down, or figure out that I actually do have a bug, and my tummy will love me again!
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  • Bless your heart, I hope you feel better soon!

  • I hope you get better soon! I feel ya, that gif was me this morning!

  • I'm sick too this morning Big Sis! My head cold is killing me 🙁

  • I hope you feel better! I really like Psalm 61:2 to make me feel a little better 🙂