Vera Bradley Unboxing

Yesterday I did something totally embarrassing scary odd strange weird I uploaded my first video to youtube.
Who does that?!?!
Apparently I do now.
I have always thought that those people on youtube who have enough courage to totally put themselves out there and talk to a camera are pretty neat but never thought I would do so myself. Then again, I never thought I would have a blog with 188 followers either.
Stranger things have happened.
So, I got dressed up to go nowhere, slapped on some makeup, threw some rollers in my hair and put on a cute top (forget the bottoms I was in pajama pants… no one was going to see them anyway) and sat in front of my camera.
The first few takes were terribly embarrassing.
I felt like everyone in the world could hear me babbling to myself about crazy things.
Take after take after take and I finally came out with something presentable.
Except in my nervousness I said my own blog URL wrong. Who does that?!?!
Here it is folks, enjoy.
Don’t judge me too hard.
Oh Lord. Thank goodness that is over.
Now that I am comfortably back in my blogging get up, where pajamas are acceptable on both bottom and top, I give you the promised blog post to go along with it all.
First thing were these precious cosmetics bags.  Originally $40 I paid $15.72 for the three.
Second was the laptop sleeve, originally $38. I paid $14.94 total.
Lastly, I bought myself a brand new laptop backpack. Originally $109, I paid $42.84.
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  • love it!!! super jeals.I need some new Vera

  • Good deals!

  • Awesome deals! Love the print!

  • How did you get such good deals?! Very jealous! My Vera backpack I've had for about a year is fixing to have to be retired…looks like I'm in the market!