Northwest Preppy: Sweet Southern Spud

Preps are a rare commodity in the Pacific Northwest, and comes as no surprise that when I find another prep amongst all the granola I get a little giddy. I found {Sweet Southern Spud} one day while browsing the internet for seersucker inspiration and fell in love with the brand instantly. They describe themselves as “Western Born. Southern Inspired,” which hello, welcome to my life.
The gorgeous Melinda Jean Lewis is the creator of Sweet Southern Spud, and quite possibly my soul sister.
“Born and raised amongst the vast mountains and valleys of Idaho, Melinda has brought the pioneering spirit of the West and combined it with the charming nostalgia of the South. She began sewing at the age of fifteen creating small accessories and handbags designed from scratch. By her junior prom, she had sewn her own dress and continued to create her own formal wear throughout high school and college. At the University of Idaho, she continued to follow her passion and lent her talent to her fellow sorority sisters by creating letter sweaters and other spirit wear.
After graduating with degrees in Communications as well as Clothing, Textiles, and Design, she decided to pursue her masters degree at the University of Georgia. Though a world apart from Idaho, Melinda felt drawn to the culture, values, and fashion of the region as embodied in her life-long favorite film: Steel Magnolias. Now that she has been firmly planted in red southern clay, she hopes to make her bow ties a permanent fixture in the South.

Sweet Southern Spud’s primary craft are bow ties, that just happen to be sported by gorgeous southern gentlemen.



They do not stop with bow ties though. They also have the belles covered with their own headbands called ‘bow bands.’ Many of these accessories match with the bow ties making for the perfect pairing.

Isn’t she just precious?!?


The title of this photoshoot was the ‘Belles of the Northwest,’ which I thought was beyond perfect. Being a prep in the northwest means that you stick out like a needle in a haystack of birkenstocks and often are accused of being overly ‘WASP-y’ or too girly. Which is impossible in my mind.
But more than anything else I love that the brand is rooted in its PNW traditions with just enough gingham to make a southern statement. It has become my new favorite thing and an inspiration to all of those ‘out-of-place’ preps. That just makes you a rare jewel, embrace it!

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