It is no secret that we are blessed with mild weather in the pacific northwet. On occasion it gets hot and slightly humid for a week and we all complain and raid Target’s fan section until it is bare.
True story. Just ask about the summer of 2000.Its a rough life when your summer is 75-80 degrees during the day and 50-65 at night, not. All this mild weather also does wonderful things for our hair, minus the rain, and even those with obnoxiously long hair like mine find it to be more than tolerable.
Kiss those tamed hair days goodbye girls, we’ve gone South.
I have heard of the hot humid summers and have nightmares of the frizz and dreaded poof. So, in an effort to keep myself semi-put together throughout my first Southern summer I have scoured pinterest for the best styles. My beloved pony is a tried and true favorite, but anything that gets my hair off of my neck is a heaven sent. Welcome to something I’m calling It’s Hot as Heck, Get My Hair off My Neck Hairstyles or Hot & Humid Hairstyles for short.
By Washington standards today would be a gorgeous shorts and flip flop worthy day, yet as I look around I notice that at a 75 people are still wearing jeans and jackets. Send help. So, although I do not find it to be overly hot or humid, yet, I still wanted to get my hair off of my neck for the day. Today’s hairstyle comes from the pin below, called a triple braided bun from barefoot blonde.
Like most things I see on pinterest, I did not exactly follow the instructions. I did make three braids and I did wind them around each other but I did not follow her neat winding bun. I started with a simple front french braid, if you have bangs this is a good way to keep them out of your face, and ended that in a normal braid. After making two more braids I went to town with bobby pins. There must be at least twenty on my head right now. The easiest thing for me to do was to take the french braid into traditional braid and pin it over top the other two braids, tucking the non braided tail underneath. After that I took one of the other braids and did the same sort of thing. The third braid is the same story, except I made sure it covered any escaping tails. The result is shown below.

 Do you have any favorite summer hairstyles?
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