Valentines Day Tea Towel

There aren’t many things I love more in this world than pink. And glitter. And Gold.

All these things are over-the-top, bright and ridiculous. Basically they describe me on any good day. Valentines Day is the only holiday that encourages all of these things, and therefore it is my favorite.

I have had an official valentine all of one year of my life.

My first boyfriend asked me out in high school on Valentines Day.

With a card written in Spanish.

I don’t speak Spanish.

And a balloon.

I do like balloons.

We sat together in english and he was the new kid. We dated for two months. World wind romance it was not.

Regardless, I have always adored Valentines Day more than other holidays. I like celebrating those you love, whether romantically or platonically. It gives me a set aside time, thank you greeting card world, to remind those people in my life just what they mean to me.

I wanted to create a piece this year for my friends that really told them how I loved them but also was useful. I’ve become obsessed recently with tea towels and love changing them out seasonally on the apartment oven, hello middle-aged housewife.I purchased some inexpensive flour sack towels from Michaels, along with black fabric paint and a roll of pink and gold trim.From there things are pretty simple, paint on the design you like best on your tea towel. The skipped lines are all part of the look, and I think they make the whole thing look even more stylized. I made one with x’s and o’s and another with a short poem a found online. The gold version is heat transfer vinyl, cut out on my Silhouette machine and ironed on. Free download for that to come. Sew on your trim next. I love layering trims, although I found my sewing machine had issues running over some of the loose threads. Wax paper set on top of your trims helps here. Simply place it underneath your towel and sew like normal. It tears away easily when all is said and done.

Et Voila! Possibly the most simple, yet statement making Galentine’s Day present! See how I style them in my Galentine’s Day baskets here (link to come).
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Yay! I’m so happy you are using that pink tassel trim! I knew you’d find a better use for it than its former home in my crafting box! ? Also, you have the best handwriting! ?