Will U Be Wine?

Decorating for Valentine’s Day is an interesting tango when your roommate is less than fond of the holiday. She tells me she feels about Valentine’s Day how I feel about New Years Eve. I hate New Years Eve for a variety of reasons and too many strikes against the holiday in my personal book. Basically, New Years is the worst.

So, as I began decorating for Valentine’s day I had to tango around her while she was distracted with other tasks. I tried explaining why I love Valentine’s day so much but I could never get the words out quite right. Talking sometimes isn’t my strong suit – I’ll stick to writing to explain the true mushy gushy.

I love Valentine’s Day because despite my lack of care for a love life currently, I love love. Like a girl who has had too many drinks, I want to exclaim the warm fuzzies to everyone I meet. If I can celebrate my favorite day with pink, the color of my soul I’m certain, and glitter even better.I like the greeting card company created holiday because it’s a reminder to stop and love. I love watching my grandparents exchange glossy paper greeting cards. I loved this so much that one year I decided peek inside one of their cards and found they enjoyed the slightly raunchy cards. Props to you grandma, but keep me out of it.

I love watching children exclaim their fondness for their classroom friends with stretchy bracelets and trademarked characters. They carry those love filled shoeboxes home to their mamas and share their love with a chocolate smeared kiss across her face.

How could you not love that?!

I love the excuse to tell my friends what they mean to me. I had a conversation recently with my boss regarding our take on friendships. Her daughter had been naming ‘friends’ recently and a certain friend’s name came up with the pre-fix “sometimes” before it. This cracked me up.

I have so many sometimes friends.

Some people just take too much energy for me to be plain old friends with. We decided this was because our friends were lay down and die friends. I would do anything for my friends if they asked me too, and sometimes even when they don’t ask I do it anyhow. That’s tiring. You can’t just be ready to lay down and die for more than maybe five friends.

So goes my views on friendship. This means that the people who are in my friendship bank mean a lot to me. I’m a hard pill to crack and I don’t always wear my emotions easily. Masking them in pink doilies and hand sketched hearts allows a little bit of my vulnerable to show but still keeps me safe within the holiday lines.

A gift basket is my way of saying, “you changed my life.”

A bottle of wine whispers, “I wouldn’t be me without you.”

A hand stamped tea towel says, “you’ll never know how much I needed you. Thanks for making me feel safe when everything else failed.”

So that’s why I like the over-the-top pink teddy bears.

They let me feel for one day like I can tell people just how much they matter to me. In a way that I often cannot say myself.

This year I needed something that would tell my people just how much I cared for them without letting the whole water tank overflow. Champagne is always a good choice, right?!I bought mini bottles of champagne, and tried to explain to the dearest Kroger cashier that it was not good champagne but was just for fun while she exclaimed that it was fancy so it must be good, and covered them in custom Will U Be Wine labels that are available to download at the bottom of this post.

The labels should print 2.5″ x 2.5″ simply drop the image into a word document and resize from there. Print on glossy sticker paper, alternatively photo paper and glue to the bottle, use the best settings available on your printer. Then remove the original label and place your new label overtop for a simple way to tell your tribe you care.

Be careful not to get these labels wet if you’re not using water resistant labels, so maybe don’t over-chill the bubbly.

Save a bottle for yourself just in case.Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!

Download the printable label here!

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  • Alicia

    You’re truly amazing!!! You can hang the additional strand for tomorrow!! ❤❤