Birthday Bar Cart Styling

One of the little areas in my apartment that always reflects the season is my bar cart area. Honestly, it rarely gets used as an actual functioning bar cart, I’m a light drinker at best, but styling it is one of my favorite things.

So, finding out that my roommate’s birthday falls on the same week as mine gave me the perfect excuse to decorate it for birthday week.I put together some simple mini paper party hats on a string for the main event. How stinkin’ cute are these tiny little pom-pom’d beauties?! My roommate had gifted me that gorgeous ‘the best is yet to come’ sign, and I think it’s pretty perfect for a birthday styling. See those tiny yellow bottles at the bottom? They’re cans of pineapple seltzer water from Kroger. Think their answer to La Croix always being sold out. These are amazing. I can only imagine they’d be even better with a little vodka…Napkins are always courtesy of Home Goods, as is that red ‘Birthday fortune telling’ book. Its a 1950’s inspired book that tells your fortune based on your birthday – I couldn’t resist! Lastly, some dollar section Target party hats in lowball glasses and a fresh bouquet to tie it together. Here’s to birthday bar carts forever more!

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