DIY Whimsy Door Stop

When a door in a friend’s house couldn’t quite stay open, I went on the hunt for a door stop. Turns out the only place to get such a thing in today’s world is online. And when I say online, I mean this in the most dismal way. The stopper options are few and far between and what exists is downright displeasing to the eye.I took a free nap time, some kiddos toys lying around the house, spray paint, bright felt and an oversized clothespin (easily found in craft stores like Joann’s in the wood working section) and made the sweetest little doorstop.Pry the clothespin apart carefully. I pulled one side of the spring out gently and turned it to gain leverage on the other side. This creates two separate doorstops. Then, take your plastic animal and apply some glue to each foot. I used E6000 to ensure a permanent stopper.Face the animal on the edge of the clothespin, on the thicker side. This will allow the stopper to function correctly.Take your little guy outside and spray paint for a streamlined look. This will take 1-2 coats to cover completely.
Your nap-time craft is over! However, if your doors have a larger clearance like ours did, add some felt to the bottom of the stopper. This also ensures the stopper does not scratch floors while being moved, a good idea regardless!

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