Rainbow Necklace DIY

What makes a rainbow so inspiring?

Every five-year-old girl I’ve met so far has had an obsession with rainbows. They use them as the answer to their favorite color. To inspire bold, statement making outfits. Their birthday theme almost always involves the sashay of colors. But what makes them so much fun?

A rainbow symbolizes so much in our world today.

The calm after the storm brings us hope. The happy bright colors remind us to love everyone, regardless. A rainbow signifies all the things our world needs more of, I think.

To celebrate the recent birthday of a bright rainbow girl in my life, I decided to make a necklace to mark the joyful celebration. The DIY is simple, whimsy and can change feeling depending on the colors chosen.

You’ll need:

Embroidery floss (In varying colors)


Liquid Stitch (or any strong glue)

Safety pin



Your yarn is going to act as the base for the colors of your rainbow. For each color you will need three pieces of yarn of the same length. My yarn lengths varied from 1.5″ for the smallest color to 3″ for the largest color. The simplest way I found to have the floss wrap nicely around the yarn was to braid your three equal pieces of yarn together. Once they have been braided, attach a safety pin to the top of the braid and begin wrapping the floss around. At times I would double or triple wrap the floss to add texture and interest to the project. After all four colors have been wrapped completely your rainbow will begin to take shape. Because the yarn is braided and then tightly wrapped with floss, each rainbow arch shapes up easily. Simply bend the strands one by one and lay out in color, and size, order. Using your liquid stitch, apply glue to the sides and top of each arch and carefully bend the rainbow together. I found waiting a few minutes after assembling the rainbow gives it some time to set up, and makes finalized the shape of your rainbow much more simple. I applied the necklace in much the same method, with a piece of felt for support and a long bit of matching yarn for the chain. An actual chain and jump ring could also be easily applied for a more polished look. Now you have a rainbow reminder around your neck to be more kind throughout your day!

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