DIY Halloween Wine Glasses

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Witches!

With Halloween right around the corner I’ve got a wine filled party planned with some of my closest witches. To prepare for the big day I’ve put together a simple, and inexpensive, set of DIY wine glasses.You’ll need:

Wine glasses (I get mine at the dollar store)

Etching cream

Paint brush

Vinyl + Transfer tape

Silhouette machine or similar

 I used my Silhouette to cut the designs into vinyl, but you could cut a more simplistic design with an xacto knife and vinyl. The drink up witches design is available here and witch please here. Cut on normal vinyl as you normally would, and weed the design making a stencil.
Apply transfer tape with a fair amount of pressure, making sure to get the tiny details to stick. Applying the decal stencil to the glass is a little tricky. Due to the curved shape of the glass, the vinyl will bubble up at points. To keep the etching cream from getting under the vinyl, make sure you press these bubbles and lumps down as flat as possible.Apply the etching cream liberally, making sure to cover every bit of the stencil. Wherever the cream is placed, the glass will be etched. The cream will take 15 minutes to etch. When finished, wipe off the excess cream and any leftover will be washed off with cold water. Carefully remove the vinyl stencil.

And voila! You’ve got a set of glasses ready for your best witches and a night of Halloween movies!

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