Simple Halloween Bar Cart

We’ve finally begun to get a little sample of fall here in Nashville. And with that little taste, the pumpkin spice flavored items fly off shelves, we begin to order our latte’s hot and sweaters are pulled out of storage only to be cast aside by lunchtime. Our tardy fall weather does not mean that we do not know how to decorate for the season. It just means we’ve got it down to a much more speedy, refined science.

Welcome to my simple, elegant fall bar cart. I wanted to keep a touch of the halloween whimsy amongst the elegant gold, white and deep crimson theme. I am an avid consumer of the Health-Ade kombucha, and the gorgeous glass bottles needed repurposing. To remove the labels I soaked the bottle in baking soda and oil for 30 minutes, and then used rubbing alcohol and an old gift card to scrape the thin residue off. I poured water, food coloring and a little bit of oil in these, so that when shaken slightly they resemble a true potion. Using a gold paint pen, found at any craft store, I added the ingredients I thought I would be sure to find in any good witch’s bar cart. Hand mixed youth serum and dragon tears, of course.
I made up some quick, simple etched wine glasses to add to the drink wear. These not only display a halloween message, but also have a little magic in that the message becomes more clear with the addition of my favorite potion, wine. Learn how to make these yourself here. I repurposed another jar, this time a jam jar, and filled it with food coloring, water and some olive slices. Labeled with the same gold paint pen, and voila you have pickled eyes at your disposal. The spell books below are just books I had laying around my apartment, covered in craft paper and spells written on the spine.

Happy haunting and may your potions keep you ever young!

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