Winter Beauty Favorites + A Gift Basket DIY

Confession: I’ve already started listening to Christmas music.

I may have started the day after Halloween, but who is really keeping record?

Last year I felt like I let winter slip by too quickly without even getting a chance to celebrate all the magic that comes with the season. My roommate and I were still getting to know each other, our quirks, and our decorating styles. We simply never found the time to put anything together. By the time I got home for Christmas, I had less than a week off to celebrate and the whole season felt more heavy than joyous.

This year, I’m determined to do it differently.

I want to over celebrate, if anything. I like to do things over the top, or not do them at all, hence my festive history, or lack thereof. I want all those around me to know just how much magic they bring to my life in this wondrous walk through life.

Winter this year has already brought a gorgeous crisp break from the warm Nashville humidity. But with that means that everything on my body feels like crepe paper. No good.

Surely I can’t be the only one with this snakeskin problem.

Which prompted the idea for my first gift basket. A wealth of gorgeous products that also double as some of the most wonderful winter weather armor against dry skin.


Baby, it’s cold outside… My face is falling off.

I like to keep my gifts real, folks.

This gift is so simple but so striking in it’s matte black box and gold lettering. I couldn’t find just the box I was looking for, so I took an old one, grabbed a can of matte black spray paint + primer in one and added some gold lettering with my Silhouette machine. The lid of the box reads “baby it’s cold outside” and when the lid is lifted it reveals the more frank statement “my face is falling off.”The contents include a mix of Home Goods finds, my favorite hippie essential oil, and a Nashville local staple.The bath fizzies and infused face oil are from Home Goods.

Clary balm is a wondrous Nashville creation that no one should have to live without in the winter. It’s organic, natural and did I mention life changing? If you live in Nashville you can grab a tin at White’s or online if you’re not lucky enough to be a local.

Next, let’s talk oils. I’m not going to sell you them. If I’m honest, I’m not even sure they work. However, I do think that something about them is great. Whether it’s a placebo, or it actually helps boost my immune system, this strong oil makes a huge difference for me during cold/flu season. I think it smells awful, but I’ve heard from many others they diffuse just for the smell at times. I’ll stick to the nighttime diffusing myself.Cushion your best kept winter beauty favorites in those odd little crinkle paper worms, plop the lid on and you’ve got the most simple, striking gift for your beauty bestie.

Merry everything dear friends!

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  • Ok, not only are these images so gorgeous but I want everything in this DIY Basket! You clearly are a gift giving wiz, show me your ways!