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If you’ve even glanced at pinterest lately you’ve probably seen a wealth of tutorials on how to make a trendy canvas banner to hang on your little one’s wall. I’ve made a couple for my nanny babes, and even one for my own door. When I was brainstorming ideas for my cozy, drink themed gift box I saw so many wonderful Santa’s sack gift bags. How easy would this be to turn into a recyclable gift wrap opportunity? Simple!You need just a few, inexpensive things for this double hitter DIY.

Some canvas fabric, black craft felt, a wooden dowel, scissors and some yarn or string you like for hanging. Oh, and don’t forget the glue! Any craft glue will do.

Cut your canvas fabric into two equal rectangles. They can be any size you need them to be, just measure around the goodies inside your bag.Sew up the sides, right sides together, making a casing in the top for your dowel to slide through eventually. This means not sewing up the individual sides of the bag, rather just sewing them together so that the seams can later be ripped or cut and the casing left open on either end. Flip the bag right side out, and it should look like the picture below, with the little secret casing hiding inside.Next, cut your felt into letters for your canvas banner statement.

I chose to put ‘mama needs a silent night’ on mine, and you can read why here. Glue them down with any good craft glue, hot glue, or even fabric glue. Basically, your glue choices are up to whatever you have on hand. I used the trusty tacky glue in the brown bottle.Here is where the fun part comes in. Fill your sack with goodies for your favorite friend, I have some affordable gift ideas gathered here. Don’t forget to throw in a dowel and tie with ribbon or yarn that is a good length for hanging the banner later.

When you gift your package, the instructions for your friend to recycle the package are simple.

Cut or seam rip the two rectangles, back from front, away from each other. This should leave a casing for the dowel in the front banner.

I also chose to cut the bottom of mine in a traditional banner shape.

Voila. Possibly the most simple yet visually pleasing up-cycle of wrapping ever.

Here’s to more silent nights friends!

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