Embellished Silver Foil Star Tights DIY

As the winter weather brings the chilly air and soft blankets of snow, my closet switches over to an equally soft, fluffy version of my style. I rotate between loose fitting knit tops and similar style dresses always accompanied by a quilted vest. I’ve bought at least one new vest each year and this year is no different. This year I’ve also added a handful of new knit dresses to my wardrobe, which require a handful of new tights to go along with.

Although I’m partial to sweater tights they seem to stop making those as soon as you transition into adult sizes and so I cling to the stretched out, hole filled pairs I have had for years. While browsing for more tights to fit my winter wardrobe I noticed several fun glittered and foiled pairs of tights. But, of course, being me I decided I could make a better pair myself.To make a pair of embellished tights yourself you’ll need a pair of tights, versa mark ink, a stamp, embossing powder and a heat gun. You will also want something to stretch the  tights out like your legs will when worn. I used the card stock inserts that come with the tights, but any stiff, thick material will do.Start by choosing the stamp for your design. Years ago I invested in the stamp set for my Silhouette craft machine and made my custom stamp from said set. However, there are copious star stamps available at the craft store as well as other fun designs. Versa Mark ink is really sticky, and therefore creates a great ‘glue’ for your embossing. Simply apply to your stamp like you would a regular ink stamp, and press down onto your tights. Sprinkle a generous amount of embossing powder over top the stamped image and brush away any excess with a dry paint brush. You can also encourage extra powder to fall off the tights by swiftly tapping the tights down onto a hard surface. The next step takes a bit of patience and practice. Use your heat gun to emboss the powder. You want a nice, foiled design, but it won’t go totally solid like it would on paper. You also don’t want to heat up your tights too much, this could cause shrinkage or rips in the material. Repeat the process all over the tights, remembering to move the cardboard wherever you’re stamping. Imagine the countless designs you could make using this technique! I’m thinking fun tights for every season seem fitting! If you make tights of your own, tag me @ohlalaali so I can see your amazing work!



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