DIY Minimalist Christmas Tree

Before you start to hate me, let it be known that I am a Christmas tree traditionalist.

I only do living trees and absolutely hate the thought of fake trees.

However, living in an apartment will do crazy things to you. It makes you want to leave sticky notes on every car that parks in “your spot,” because everyone should just know that is where you like to park. It makes you able to distinguish between the stomping of feet and the bouncing of a dog’s ball by your upstairs neighbors. It also makes you realize you have no business having a real tree in your tiny apartment.

For the first time in my life, I have a ‘faux’ tree in my living room.

But I just can’t get away from the thought of a real tree. I’ve tried convincing the responsible side of my brain multiple times that we need a live tree in our bedroom. That party pooper says “no” every time! Fun sucker! In some ways she is right. Nashville is a far cry from my native Pacific Northwest, and I couldn’t even tell you where the nearest actual Christmas tree farm is. They’re all chopped down a shipped in, which ruins some of the magic for this mountain girl. This also makes them outrageously expensive. So, instead of impulse purchasing a tree from the sweet tree after grabbing coffee next door, I’ve decided to make my own homage to the delicious pine tree.

It’s by no means going to make up for the magic of a real tree.

However, in my boho, Scandinavian, midcentury, wannabe minimalist mind this is a fun tribute to those sweet pines.

Just say ‘okay,’ and let it happen. I swear you’ll like it in the end.

For this DIY hanging Christmas tree you will need real pine branches (I totally stole mine from the park after watching a parent toss them next to the garbage cans), glass ornaments, removable hooks for the ceiling, thread or fishing line, and scissors.
Start by pulling the top off of the ornament and cutting a small sprig of pine branch. I found that they looked best when they were a little bit longer than the ornament. That way, they would stand up and not flop around inside, but also wouldn’t get completely squashed at the top. Insert the branch into the ornament, and just as you removed the top, replace it once again.Next you’ll need to tie some thread or string to your ornament top. I would recommend either white thread or clear fishing line to make your ‘tree tribute’ appear as though it is floating. Increases the winter magic, if you will.

You’re going to want to be generous with your thread here, as we will be shortening the thread to stagger the ornaments as we hang them. Basically, too much is never enough. Add more string and subtract later.To hang your ‘tree installation’ I used my favorite decoration hooks stuck to my rental ceiling. This way they can be easily removed when the season takes its last magical breaths. Then make the beginning of a slip knot and hook it through your decoration hook.Like a traditional tree, hanging the ornaments is the most tedious part. It’s a whole series of trial and error, re-hanging, and likely weeks of fiddling with the whole thing. One cup of coffee later, three broken ornaments (only two were my fault), plus a friend’s helpful opinion and mine were hung. I snipped any extra string the hung down from the hooks so the ornaments were the main focus.





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