Last Minute Target Gift Guide

At this point in the holiday season I’m feeling a little less ‘here comes Santa Claus’ and a little more ‘here comes amazon, here comes amazon, right down my driveway.’ Hallelujah for Amazon Prime.

However, if you’re feeling a little more last minute than two day shipping, or worried about getting caught without a gift for your workout class neighbor, then I’ve got the gift guide for you.For the person who you always sit next to in yoga, the waiter/waitress at your favorite lunch spot or the babysitter who always comes through in a pinch throw together a sweet little coffee gift. This darling mug is available at Target along with various packs of Keurig pods, and for the over 21 crowd throw in a little something extra. Your favorite liquor will do, I like a splash of Kahlua in my cup to make the day even more merry.
If you’ve ever taken your child to playgroup, or even the park, you’re bound to have regular friends in those circumstances. Throw a couple of these packs of dollar section wooden trucks together, along with their amazing road tape into an inexpensive pouch. Keep a couple in your trunk just in case one of these playmates gives your child a gift, that way you’ll never be caught off guard!

I’m always worried someone is going to have me on their list that missed my planning stages. Keeping a few of these extra, simple Target curated gifts with me always helps to avoid any awkward gift encounters. The worst thing that could happen is you end up with some fun post Christmas gifts for yourself.

Need some ideas on how to wrap those last minute gifts you’ve picked up? We love these ideas and they’re perfect for any gift on your list!

Have any more last minute gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!




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