Last Minute Graft Wrap Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got last minute gifts to buy and wrap.

I do a good portion of my buying at the beginning of December but because I fly across the country days before Christmas to celebrate with my family I leave a lot to the last minute. Even once I’ve purchased gifts in advance, I leave them in piles, waiting to gather enough to wrap at once.

This year, I was a little better about wrapping, and it lead to some pretty cool wrap ideas. This ‘baby it’s cold outside’ lidded hat box style gift is amazing. The lid comes off to reveal the true, less romantic sentiment, ‘my face is falling off.’ Make your own here. When coming up with ideas for my fellow coffee loving friend, and nanny hence the ‘mama’ reference, I took a note from my favorite wall decor. Inspired by the ever popular canvas wall hangings I made a gift bag that doubles as festive wall art. Make your own here. The sweetest wrapping includes a gift for my favorite toddler. He loves all things that have wheels and so I threw together a last minute gift for him to have on-the-go. Make your own here.


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