New Year, New Tech Backgrounds


A year of growth. A year of learning. A year of change.

I’m neither completely torn up to see the year go, nor am a dancing on rooftops.

The year brought what I needed it to bring. And through in some extra highs and lows along the way.

I’ll be once again ending the year at home in the Pacific Northwest, and beginning it in my other home in Nashville.


I’m hoping it brings more kindness. Less Hate. More love, less discrimination.

I’m hoping to open my heart a little wider to those around me, and really embody the things I think I stand for.

More speaking out about the changes I want to see. More making them happen on a larger, real scale.

A year of growth. A year of learning. A year of change. To celebrate all things new year I’ve made three completely hand designed phone backgrounds. Remind yourself of your intentions every time you go to text someone, or log onto social media.

I’ve created a modern, minimal Happy New Year version.

A more colorful, hand drawn intention, reminding you to ‘radiate kindness.’

Or the final, metallic option to ‘shine bright’ throughout the year. Download your free tech backgrounds here.

If you use these on your tech tag @Ohlalaali to share!

Happy New Year!

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