Valentine Wine Label Printables

Valentine’s Day is a polarizing holiday unlike most others I’ve encountered. Commercialized by the American Greeting Card world, the holiday either makes you want to be drunk in love, or just plain drunk.

I’m one of the rare unicorns floating in my own world of Valentine love. I’ve only ever had one Valentine, who you can read about here, but I am obsessed with the holiday nonetheless. I got to spend Valentine’s Day last year in my perfect way. Surrounded by friends, with tiny sparkling gifts, totally tipsy on bubbly and of course dinner was courtesy of Postmates (not sponsored, but shameless plug, use my code PYQAL to get $100 in free delivery credit, that should cover all your love/heartache cravings).

These were friends I didn’t really know at the time but our jobs tied us all together in an odd little bow. I drove myself post work through a winding backroad, and proceeded to drive right past the house and up a small mountain. I nervously knocked on the door, three overly pink gifts in hand and got to drinking. Valentine’s Day gives you a socially acceptable reason to drink, and hanging with new people meant I was more than happy to have a couple glasses.

There’s something fun about spending such a love centered holiday with new friends. Its the promise of something beginning. None of your stories are old to them yet, you have everything to talk about and a lifetime to figure each other out. I stayed way past my own person bedtime, telling stories, sharing experiences and feeling oddly loved by these new friends.

This year my plan is a little more simple. It includes dinner delivered straight to my door and an early bedtime. I’m getting old, folks. But don’t get it wrong, I won’t be wallowing on Valentine’s Day either. I’ll remember all the love I have around me and let it fill me with joy, the feeling I think February 14th should bring you. Regardless of your relationship status, regardless of the gifts you’re given, regardless of anything else, you are loved. And that’s worth remembering and celebrating.

In honor of my love of Valentine’s Day, I’ve created three completely free wine bottle label downloads. Two labels are for standard wine bottles, the Millennial Pink version is meant for a mini bottle, or two.

Drag and save the images below, or download here via dropbox.

The labels should print correctly, do not set your printer to “fill page,” simply drop the image into a word document or print directly from preview. Print on glossy sticker paper, alternatively photo paper and glue to the bottle, use the best settings available on your printer. Then remove the original label and place your new label overtop and you’re ready to celebrate!

Be careful not to get these labels wet if you’re not using water resistant labels, so maybe don’t over-chill the bubbly.

Happy love day friends!

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