Modern Valentine’s Day Cards

One of my favorite things about having tiny humans in my life is getting to help design and imagine gifts for the various holidays they breathe magic into. Valentine’s Day is no different. Even without classroom exchanges, or handmade valentine mailboxes I think every kiddo should have a couple Valentine’s to hand out to their friends as a gesture of love.

Last year, my little and I had just linked up with some other adults and their tiny humans. I ended up getting to design two sets of Valentines because of our new friends. One was a jungle themed Valentine complete with tiny plastic animals and the other emoji themed, with toddler favorites as tattoos.This year, I borrowed from my own idea book and made another set of tattoos. However, I think there is something more charming about straying away from the traditional valentine themes. I’ve splashed plenty of constellation/night sky themed things across the tiny human’s room and there is something so endearing about the moon against the dark sky. My mother sang me “I see the moon and the moon sees me…” every time the bright moon showed it’s face. One of my previous employers had told me they also saw the moon as special. She said that no matter where each person in their life was, they always found solace in the fact that they all looked upon the same moon. What a magical thought indeed.So I got to creating. All the designs are hand drawn using various materials. The moon phases were done in watercolor, the words hand lettered in each design.The setup of these Valentine’s is simple with a few extra tools to speed the process along! First, I use Silhouette brand tattoo paper, mostly because it’s available on Amazon Prime and Prime Now. That makes a solid winner in my book. The Silhouette file is available for download here. Download the file and make sure the registration marks are set as on before you print. Follow the Silhouette tattoo paper instructions and print your file out. If you do not have a Silhouette machine, you can also cut the tattoos out by hand, a little more time consuming but still turns out well.

Next, print out the card detail on cardstock in the photo setting here. Cut along the black lines so each ‘card’ is separated from the sheet.

I buy 3×5″ plastic bags online but have also seen them in person at Michael’s. Place a set of the tattoos into the bag, and cut off about 1″ from the top of the bag. Fold the ‘card’ in half and staple onto the bag with tattoos inside. Depending on your child’s age, have them sign the back or else do so for them.The tattoos work as regular temporary tattoos do. Peel of the plastic backing, place the tattoo in the desired space, and use a damp cloth to wet the paper for approximately 15 seconds. Carefully remove the paper and the tattoo will be left on your skin for a few days depending on where it is placed.If you use these Valentine’s for your tiny human, or for yourself like I’ve started to do, whoops! Share them and tag me @OhLaLaAli. I love to see how you use my designs in your life!

I love y’all to the moon and back!









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