The Ultimate Guest Room Basket

Living in Music City has its perks.

It’s fun, it’s a young city and it’s generally a very creative city.

It’s also a place on a lot of people’s bucket lists.

Meaning that, if you move to Nashville you’ll need to be ready to host a plethora of friends and family.

Being the good host or hostess you are you’ll of course have a basket of selections waiting for them upon arrival.
Before I moved here for good I visited for my 21st birthday. We stayed in an Airbnb right on Belmont boulevard. Belmont is home to one of Nashville’s many universities and some fun restaurants. My favorite Belmont picks include Bongo Java for a latte, Local Honey for some shopping and Proper Bagel for a bagel with their divine lox cream cheese, it’s always worth the wait.
On my first Nashville trip I learned a lot of important things.

I learned the value of “yes ma’am” and “no sir.” Southerners have a way of calling everyone ma’am or sir regardless of their age. You best follow in these footsteps if you want to avoid offending someone.

I learned Nashville has hills. In my naive West Coast mind, I assumed Tennessee was flat. Although not quiet as hilly as my native Seattle, the city is by no means flat. This realization came as I was running the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon. Not my favorite time to discover such a fact.

I learned that buying alcohol is really tricky in Nashville. Being that it was my 21st birthday, I wanted a drink to celebrate. Turns out buying a bottle of wine required a separate trip to the liquor store, this was before I moved here and laws changed, and you best not try and buy wine on a Sunday. Even when in restaurants my ID was questioned multiple times. Apparently the foil on Washington IDs is very different from other states, thankfully I now have a Tennessee ID so no alcohol confusion there. But mostly, I discovered a part of my heart would always live in Nashville. It’s the biggest small town you’ll ever visit. The city doesn’t feel too big, or too smelly, or too full of crushed dreams. It’s sweetly southern, but also city smart. And so, a year later, I moved my whole heart to Music City.

Now I get to play tour guide in my city to visitors.

I like to make sure they feel just at home in Nashville as I do all these years later. So, I put together a small guest basket that I think is applicable in all cities.

My basket includes a handful of my favorite things. First, something local. Clary Balm is a local balm that is organic and wonderful for healing all sorts of body dryness and cracked lips. Second, La Croix. A staple in my diet, everyone needs something good to drink when they’re visiting. Third, a handful of bath fizzles. These lavender ones are my favorite to relax in my soaker tub post work.

Fourth, a body oil. These are very popular right now, and a little extra pampering never hurt your guests. Fifth, face masks. I love this set from Trader Joe’s, but any set will do. Sixth, some alcohol flavored gummy bears for when they need a little something sweet. Seventh, a blank notebook and pen to fill with details of their trip. Eighth, a cozy blanket. Target is my go-to here. And finally, a candle. This candle is homemade, but any candle will do. I replaced the label with a custom label just for my guests. Perfect to burn in Nashville and take home to remember their visit with. The label reads ‘this must be the place,’ after all, I think this place is pretty great.Download your own this must be the place label here. I printed mine on clear sticker paper, in a 3″ square, and applied to my candle.

Where is your place? If you use this candle label tag me @ohlalaali so I can see your guest baskets!




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