Scream Queens Season 2 Premier Party

scream-queens-invitation-iiThis past weekend, Nashville gave us a little teaser to what fall will be like, when it finally arrives. The morning rain cooled off the afternoon, and the leaves seemed to have jumped off the trees overnight. Hoping to seize the fleeting moment, I grabbed two pumpkin spice lattes and headed down to meet my dear friend Rachel of RKC Southern. Rachel and I are both big into planning and our calendars, and within minutes she was pulling our her planner, exclaiming that I had to have the 20th cleared on my calendar.

I panicked, thinking I had forgotten some big moment in our friendship and hoping to quickly make up some excuse, when she reminded me that our favorite fall show, Scream Queens was returning for a second haunting season on September 20th.

Things started to tumble together from there, as they normally do with the two of us, and within the hour we were in the car toting ourselves all around Nashville. Three grocery stores, a trip to Michaels, Party City and a stop at my favorite Nashville bagel spot later, a themed dinner party was born.

Without further ado, you’re cordially invited to the party of the century. Pack your pearls, grab your gloves, for things are about to get sticky.

We hope you like your dinner served warm.

scream-queens-iv scream-queens-iiWe started by setting up the welcome table for our favorite pastel ladies to grab their goodies as they arrived. Sleep masks and satin robes became the luxurious dress code. Cotton ball snacks greeted the hungry Chanel’s in the most gorgeous acrylic clutch dipping sauce optional, of course.scream-queens-iiiWe borrowed from a few of Chanel’s iconic phrases to create this simple dusty rose invitation, with the dress left intentionally simple to include the date of the event. The front face mimics the statement double doors in Chanel’s sumptuous KKT closet.scream-queens-viscream-queens-vSomewhere between cocktail hour and the start of dinner, some tacky guest had the audacity to meet the red devil in the foyer and sprayed blood all over the cotton ball topped rosé. At least we managed to spare the Prunex, thank KKT for that.scream-queens-viiiscream-queens-viiBy dinner things were in full swing. We set the table with a bustier placement, full place setting and a simple gold rimmed plate. The red devil was at it again, whipping up a quick dinner of one of the useless KKT pledge’s hand. At least she had the common sense to get a full set manicure.scream-queens-ixscream-queens-xThank you for coming. We hope you’ve made it out alive. If not, it’s far better to be seen dead at our dinner party of the century than caught alive elsewhere. The embarrassment would be too great to survive for long.

What started off as a simple, single posed shoot turned into a DIY Scream Queens Halloween dinner party in it’s own right. With both occasions fast approaching, we hope you’ll find some inspiration to turn your next soirée, or Scream Queens girl’s night into something worth dying over.

In collaboration with RKC Southern | Inspired by Fox’s Scream Queens | Download Rosé Label Here | Sleep Masks by The Sleepy Cottage | Satin Robe from Amazon | Edible Severed Hand Coming Soon | Download Printable Invitation Here

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