DIY Pearl Hair Chain

diy-hair-chain-model-iiAs fall quickly wriggles it’s way into our wardrobes, I wanted to find a simple way to dress up my go to “half up” hair-do for the crisp weather. I have always liked my hair out of my face, and most of the time want miles away from my neck the second I sense any sort of heatwave. The fall and winter are two seasons that let my hair down to play more, thanks to their mild weather I love wearing my hair down, or trying out new Pinterest styles that won’t be ruined in the humidity.

Insert this amazingly simple DIY hair chain into the mix. Depending on the materials you use, this chain is striking against both dark and lighter hues of hair, all textures and styles as well! As a dark haired gal, I hate spending precious arm strength on a braided style only to notice my deep hair hides all the work, count yourselves lucky blonde babes! I don’t have that problem with the hair chain thanks to the pearlescent color scheme I stuck to, but if you prefer darker hues, choose your own adventure!

Materials Needed Include:

Rose Gold Chain, Strand of Pearls, Decorative Beaded Pieces with Ring Attached, Clips of Your Choice, E6000, Beading Needle & Pliars

diy-hair-chain-iI started by measuring the amount of chain, and pearls, I would need. I wanted a good drape on my hair piece so I went with 6″ long and cut with the beading pliers. I cut three pieces of chain in total.diy-hair-chain-ivdiy-hair-chain-vNext, I used the plier’s ‘nose’ to open up the ring attached to the embellished piece and slide the chain links onto it. Finish by closing the jump ring tightly.diy-hair-chain-xiThe pearls are a little more simple. I simply beaded the pearls onto some embroidery floss using the beading needle until it was also 6″ long. I then sewed the strand onto the same jump ring I had attached the chain to, tying off a tight knot.
diy-hair-chain-xLearn from my mistakes on this next part, and have your decorative pieces already strung with the chain before gluing to the hair clips. This makes the whole assembly tight and is much easier if you do this step last. Pretty self explanatory, carefully take some E6000 and glue your embellishments down. I had to bring out the pliers to cut off the unused rings from the pieces, so everything lay flat against each other.diy-hair-chain-vidiy-hair-chain-viidiy-hair-chain-viiiAfter drying overnight for good measure, you should have a gorgeous hair chain to debut in your next fall outfit! At first I used bobby pins along with the clips, but soon found that if I pulled my hair back one side at a time the clips were sufficient on their own!diy-hair-chain-xii diy-hair-chain-model-v diy-hair-chain-model-iv diy-hair-chain-model-iiidiy-hair-chain-model-iWould you wear this look? How would you make the hair chain your own? Tag any pictures with #OhLaLaAli for a chance to be on my Instagram feed!

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