The Nashville Burger Project: Flip Burger Boutique

Photo from Flip Burger Boutique

Photo from Flip Burger Boutique

“So, what’s your favorite food?”

As a nanny, we ask simple questions like this almost daily, trying to keep up with our littlest cohorts whose minds can change at the drop of a crayon. Just recently, I posed this very question to one of my nanny babes on our way home from school. Expecting to hear any one of the under 5 crowd staples (macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza), I was floored when she answered “carrots.” Thinking she was simply listing one of her favorite foods, I pried further, “no, I mean your favorite, favorite food, if you could have anything.”

“Brussel sprouts.”

And suddenly all of my twenty-something favorite foods seemed so inadequate.

My favorite food, and I’ll tell almost anyone who will listen, is a cheeseburger. I don’t discriminate between the drive-through processed burger and the $15+ boutique burgers that seem to be the newest thing on the beef scene. I’ve tried a handful of burgers, but am forever on the search for one to become my next favorite spot. Which enters my latest project: The Nashville Burger Project.

My goal, simple. Try as many burgers as I can in my dear Music City. I’ll let y’all in on the scoop, the deals and the knockouts. Today’s burger comes to us from Flip Burger Boutique.

Flip is located in the Sylvan Park area of Nashville, off of Charlotte Pike. The atmosphere is modern retro with plenty of interesting seating. We ordered our burgers via UberEats this time, and were just as happy with the takeout results. If you’re interested in UberEats, use code eats-aliw405ue to get $10 off your first order. Most things are delivered in under and hour and, just like Uber, the price you pay is the price you pay, no need to tip.

flip-burger-iI tried out their ‘stack burger’ described as “2 specialty seasoned slider patties stacked with american cheese, grilled onions, tomato, shredded lettuce, b&b pickles, flip sauce–our insider favorite.” I usually judge burger places based on their classic burger and totally fell for the word ‘favorite’ in this burger’s profile. Fries came separately, so I opted for an order of ‘beef fat french fries,’ yum, with the typical smoked mayo and ketchup sides. Coming from UberEats, the burger was $8.50 and the fries came to $3.75, so pretty middle of the road prices for a burger ’boutique’ in my experience.

flip-burger-ivEven being the burger fanatic I am, I usually go for the fries first. These fries were amazing. They were perfectly overly-salty, made crisp by the generous beef fat they’re fried in. Size wise they were pretty standard sized, not shoe string by any means but no where close to a thicker cut. Every bite was more addicting than the next, the center soft, and a perfect vehicle to the amazing smoked mayo and ketchup combination.

flip-burger-vI generally order my patties in my personal ‘burger green-light zone,’ somewhere between medium rare and medium well depending on which way the wind blows. I asked for my stack burger to be cooked medium well and found the patty to be just that. The cheese was generously applied, and had that fantastic sauce consistency that only American cheese can take on when melted. One of the reasons I lovingly refer to American cheese as “plastic cheese.”

flip-burger-iiiThe bun was a hearty brioche style bun, with the fixings underneath. In this case, lettuce, grilled onion, pickles and to my happy surprise very little tomato. Have I mentioned I avoid tomatoes like a toddler? Unless in ketchup form. Ketchup is my favorite vegetable, after all. The stack burger was a solid, addicting greasy upscale burger. It left me feeling heavy and satisfied.

I would go to Flip Burger Boutique if you’re looking for a laid back atmosphere, standout fries and a burger to enjoy when you’re not counting calories or worried about grease stains.

Overall, I’d give Flip Burger Boutique a solid 3.75/5 Burger Stars.

Where should I order a burger next Nashville?

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