DIY Iced Latte Gloves

If you know me in real life or, lets be honest, if you’ve seen any of my social media, you probably understand I have an open iced latte addiction. It started with an iced skinny vanilla latte at the tried and true Starbucks. Which morphed into hazelnut when I got more daring. And now, living in Nashville I go at least twice a week to my favorite coffee shop, Frothy Monkey, to get an iced latte with honey and cinnamon. They know my order there, which is my single biggest claim to fame in this town.

When winter rolls around, iced latte addicts everywhere are faced with a dark decision. Quit? Or buck up and stick to the delicious cold milk when temperatures plummet. This is a silly question, we suffer through regardless. We’re like the postal service. Come rain, come snow, come sun, we drink the iced lattes.

To make the experience a little more pleasurable as your nose starts to form tiny icicles, I’ve put together the cutest latte sippin’ gloves ever. Did I mention they’re outrageously simple too?
Grab some gloves, mine are the nice touch screen ones, yarn of your choice, a washable marker or sewing pen, glue and scissors. First mark your design in washable ink. I tried using this sewing marking pen, however a washable marker would have been much more pronounced.Following the design you drew, place glue overtop. Then, grab the end of your yarn and follow along. I found using a toothpick helped to finagle the yarn into the harder to bend places. Also, don’t be afraid to cut your yarn. Because I went with a script design there were certain spots where I didn’t want letters to loop, so I’d just cut and place the end of yarn against the accompanying letter so it looked continuous. No one will know if you don’t tell them!

I’d also add a little fray check to the ends of the string if you plan on using these like a regular human being. As in, not like a tiny doll who I imagine tip-toes around and raises his/her pinky as they drink their latte. Not me.

That’s it! So simple. Yet so cute.

I’m ready for an iced latte just thinking about it.

Happy sippin’ friends!

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