Letterman’s Jacket Inspired Sweatshirt

I have the privilege to call myself nanny to the most precocious two year old in all of Nashville. He has opinions about his outfits, opinions about restaurants I take him to, and his own opinionated Instagram. With such a personality filled little body, I pride myself on making little pieces for his wardrobe that reflect his mighty spirit. As he’s grown, he’s turned into nothing less than my favorite tiny human on the planet. He’s gentle, kind, and loves so deeply even when he’s being naughty.

Basically, the boy is pure magic.

Which is exactly what sparked the idea for this sweatshirt.

I also love the look of letterman’s jackets, but didn’t know how they were made. Turns out the patches are made out of a material that is much like the loops of Terry cloth fabric. Not wanting to buy a yard of Terry cloth, I sought out alternative materials. Then it hit me, washcloths! Those cheap, tightly looped washcloths from Target would be perfect. I bought two packs for under $10 total and the little sweatshirt from their toddler section as well.You’ll also need a pair of sharp scissors and some liquid stitch to permanently secure the letters to the sweatshirt. The most maddening part of this entire DIY is probably cutting the letters out from the washcloth. Don’t do this anywhere that can’t be vacuumed or lint rolled. You will be finding tiny little wash cloth shavings for months if you don’t immediately vacuum or lint roll the entire floor of your craft room. It also lacks structure, which meant cutting out the more whimsy “magic” part of this DIY took time and an incredible amount of patience. It’s not at all impossible, just takes time.
If I were to do it all again, I would outline my letters on my washcloths ahead of time and for a more exact template. I’m generally a wing it as you go DIY-er, hence the lack of a template here. Next, carefully apply liquid stitch to the back of each letter and place on the sweatshirt. I also found that to keep the sweatshirt from fraying I applied a small amount of liquid stitch to the very edges of the letters. Do not go crazy here. Although liquid stitch dries clear, it dries thick and is very visible on garments. The layer I applied to the ‘p’ below is a bit overboard. I found it could be easily ‘edited back’ with a dry paint brush and paper towel.This DIY could translate so well into any sort of letterman’s looking garment. I would love to put some sort of positive mantra on the back of a jean jacket or sweatshirt for myself using this same technique. But for now, I’ve got the perfect sweatshirt for my favorite boy. One who is pure magic in my life.

Happy DIY-ing friends!

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